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Sea Services North America

Partnership with B & C Seafood continues our expansion in mid-Atlantic region

Sea Services North America, the nation’s leading provider of independent fishing vessels to work on the development and construction of offshore wind farms, has announced its new vessel partnership with B & C Seafood.

The partnership allows B&C to take advantage of SSNA’s best-in-class performance record, platform, training and administration, while also allowing SSNA to continue to expand its offerings into the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Sea Services Co-op model is designed to scale geographically.

Refreshing testimony: Addressing a CT legislative panel from the deck of a Sea Services vessel

Amid the monotony of more than 12 hours of legislative testimony, two fishermen employed by Sea Services North America made history during the Energy & Technology Committee hearing at the Connecticut Legislative Office Building earlier this year.

Jack Tibbens and Scott Yerman testified to the committee from the high seas via Zoom – sun shining, wind whipping – from the “New Horizons.”

Their impact in speaking on behalf of Bill 383, proposed by State Sen. Heather Somers (R-Groton) to establish a $16 million mitigation fund responding to the effects of offshore wind on marine mammals, birds, and fishermen, was immeasurable.

Yerman’s best catch: a cooperative effort between fishermen, offshore wind developers

His professional life began with Pepto Bismol and has ping-ponged its way between pneumatic sound, lobster traps and eminent domain.

Clearly, fellow fishermen are aware that when Gary Yerman, the Fleet Manager for Sea Services North America, offers counsel on the industry that has sustained him, the words come from a man with the wisdom carried by eclectic experiences.

Sea Services North America celebrates 3 years of commercial collaboration between fishermen, Offshore Wind Developers

After quietly creating a unique partnership between the commercial fishing community and offshore wind energy developers, Sea Services North America (SSNA) is ready to celebrate its success.

With more than 80 fishermen from five states working through a cooperative business arrangement, SSNA is the nation’s leading provider of active fishing vessels for scout and guard (safety) work to offshore wind developers and suppliers.

A fishing icon joins the Sea Services team blending 40 years of fishing and safety training, with offshore wind opportunities

It has been suggested that synergy between the fishing industry and offshore wind is presumptive at best and inconceivable at worst.

But then there are the words of Rodney Avila, a legendary fisherman of more than 60 years, who views Sea Services North America’s cooperative structure as the perfect vehicle to marry the two.

Customer Profile: Meet Ed Leblanc, Ørsted’s Head of Marine Affairs

The concept of “safety first” requires layers of details that perhaps render it easier said than applied. Ed LeBlanc, Ørsted’s Head of Marine Affairs U.S. Offshore Wind, has stood for safety on the water with passion and diligence for nearly 50 years.

LeBlanc came to Ørsted in 2019 following a four-decade career in the United States Coast Guard, most recently serving as the Chief of Waterways Management at Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England since 2003.

Sea Services’ CEO joins CT Wind Collaborative Board of Directors

Gordon Videll, Chief Executive Officer of Sea Services North America, has accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Wind Collaborative.

The Wind Collaborative was first announced last October as part of Connecticut’s Offshore Wind Strategic Roadmap, which calls for the new nonprofit to work collaboratively with stakeholders in business, industry, academia, state agencies, and counterparts in neighboring states to advance the regional supply chain and workforce necessary to meet the growing demand for this new American industry.

Offshore Wind Moves Boldly Ahead For 2024, Forbes Magazine

In May, ships started arriving in New Bedford, Massachusetts carrying offshore wind turbines taller than a football field is long. These turbines are now being installed 15 miles off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard at the United States’ first utility-scale offshore wind farm. 62 turbines, capable of powering over 400,000 homes, will provide pollution-free electricity to New England. Here, offshore wind is the key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions fast enough to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

But New England isn’t alone.

New research from UC-Berkeley, GridLab, and Energy Innovation shows offshore wind could provide clean, affordable power off every coast in this country as a fundamental part of decarbonizing our economy.