Sea Services At a Glance


Gordon Videll, CEO

Gary Yerman, Founder & Fleet Manager

Craig Devlin, COO

Doug Van Verdeghem, Operations Manager


December 2020

Executed Contracts:


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Dozens of points of advocacy on behalf of our customers


Orsted, Vineyard Wind, Avangrid, DEME, Prysmian Group

Sea Services Co-Op Model Benefits

Sea Services utilizes a unique co-operative model to utilize local fishing vessels to provide scout and safety (guard) vessel services. Vessels and crews are contracted through SSNA and vessel readiness, crew qualification, Safety Management System and operations are provided by SSNA. Benefits of the model:

  • Utilizes decades of experience in local waters to increase effectiveness of services. Zero gear strikes across all SSNA engagements to date.
  • Helps to reduce the adversarial relationship between commercial fishing and offshore wind
  • Provides fishermen a reliable year-around revenue opportunity that is not tied to fishing quotas or market prices
  • Increases safety of the US fishing fleet as our training and qualification processes carry over to periods when these vessels and crews are fishing
  • Offers clients a unique opportunity for fishermen advocating for offshore wind development
  • Contributes to local content targets of states, developers and tier 1 subcontractors