We are a unique marine services provider for offshore asset management, powered by a collective of experienced and knowledgable fishermen with a deep understanding of our shared marine environment.


SSNA have a wealth of expertise in fishing and fisheries mitigation. We understand the importance of maintaining a balanced maritime environment, that respects the historical usage by the fishing industry and the interests of offshore developments. We believe that there is a need to be respectful in managing this co-existance to mitigate its effects on the fishing industry and maximise the opportunities in support of the valuable coastal communities.

Pre-Site Investigation

The experts in the usage of the sea areas off North America are the hard working fishermen, who all year work and harvest the seas of North America. By utilizing the boats, knowledge and skills of the local fishing industry SSNA can add value to any project. Even at the earliest stages of development fishing gear, obstruction, and marine mammal surveys can help the developers to manage their projects. Our expertise can also deliver these skills in a timely and professional manner.

Asset Protection

During the installation phase it may be necessary to deploy guard vessels to patrol the areas where sub sea obstructions exist or surface non charted hazards exist. This protection helps keep the routine users of the sea area safe from snagging on the object, potentially avoiding a dangerous situation, it also serves to avoid costly damage to the asset itself. Our expertise in managing such protection involves specialized software, devloped specifically for our purposes.


  1. We are known and trusted by coastal communities throughout North America
  2. We understand the concerns and challenges involved in large scale projects
  3. We provide a unique and fully customisable asset management system
  4. Fleet reliability
  5. Fleet efficiency
  6. Vessels audited to the highest standards
  7. All crew members are trained and certified
  8. Experts in all marine matters with experience of the North Atlantic


Sea Services have developed specific software and web services to maximise the data collected from our project vessels and stored in our database. This gives us the ability to manage the entire projects data, which is formatted and stored in a way that gives access to machine and human readable data. Our basic principle is to put the fishermen first, to ensure that reports and data are collected in an easy, professional manner.


The Watchful App software is installed onboard our vessels, giving real time data back to the office and ensuring that project vessels are always up to date with their own and other vessels data. This allows them to quickly review all past interactions with vessels. This software makes the gathering of essential data not only accurate, but easy, for the vessel operators.

The software produces an easy to read document for daily reporting as a PDF that includes all vessel logging, radio transmissions, weather, as well as health and safety information. For AIS transmissions received by the software, this is relayed automatically to the database ashore, allowing for corroborative information to be gathered.

Our revolutionary asset management system, Watchful App, designed and created by Sea Services, provides:

  • Real time information in an instant creating live asset monitoring
  • GPS and AIS technologies
  • 24/7 contact with vessels at sea
  • Complete control and knowledge of all operations
  • Improved efficiency
  • Risk reduction
  • Custom built to specific client needs

Watchful App is a tailor-made asset management system which has a proven track record in reducing vessel incursions and technical stoppages.


Sea Services internal management tool allows office staff the ability to monitor and manage the vessels and data instantly. This software allows the team to process information for GIS purposes to make maps and gain statistical insights. Also included is the ability to interrogate individual vessels to get past interactions with vessels and maps for daily activity.

The storage database has thousands of data-points being collected per day from user interactions with our software and automatic harvesting of data fro the vessels. Our entire management of project data is handled in house to ensure minimum editing or dual handling of data, therefore avoiding errors in translation.


Sea Service plotter files are computer generated warning areas around assets, produced to suit the typical electronic chart plotting systems onboard fishing vessels. These files make it easier for the fishing vessels to understand the requested safe passing distance. We also produce paper charts to compliment the electronic service.

For further information or enquires please contact the respective departments below:

Chief Executive Officer

Gordon Videll

Phone: +1 (860) 460-7424

Email: Gordon@ss-na.com